kristi robertsLike most authors, Kristi Roberts always wanted to be a writer. She sent her first novel to Henry Holt because their offices were only a few blocks from her Greenwich Village apartment and she felt her first rejection would be easier to accept from someone in the neighborhood. But they liked it and published it (okay, after a rewrite). “My Thirteenth Season” was given a starred review by Booklist, who named it one of 2005’s “Ten Best First Novels,” and nominated for the ALA Best Books for Young Adults. In the years since, she has been a scholarship winner at the Norman Mailer Writers Colony, and a finalist for the Katherine Paterson Prize (Middle Grade category) from Hunger Mountain, VCFA Journal of the Arts.

Kristi grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She adamantly did NOT want to move to New York City but accepted a freelance gig there during an especially desperate point in her employment history and, like many other high school weirdos before her, felt as if she’d finally found her true home.

This is the part in every bio where you find out something wacky about the author, so here goes: an avid cyclist who raced for many years, Kristi can cycle through heavy midtown traffic, bang on the roof of a cab without falling off her bike, and escape the angry cabbie with her life (so far). Despite these tendencies, she’s quiet and looks pretty ordinary, like any other middle-aged woman who’s friends with your mom.

Kristi now lives in Harlem, which is about as far from Lake Oswego, Oregon, as anyone can possibly travel without launching into space. You can email Kristi about her book (or bikes or anything else) through the contact page.